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The Food Safety Conference – Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities Programme

Bolster Food & Drink Safety: Strengthen Your Supply Chain Vulnerability Risk Assessments & Product Authenticity, Drive Food Safety Cultures & Prepare For The Latest Food Fraud Threats & Legislative Trends With Practical, Future-Focused Methods & Technology

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Chairs’ Opening Remarks Opening Remarks
Louise Manning
Senior Lecturer in Food Policy and Management
Harper Adams University


09.15 Trace It, Find It, Prove It. Ensure Authenticity & Bolster Food Defence Throughout Your Supply Chain With Risk Assessment Practices & Advanced Testing Methods

  • As supply chains become more complex, what are some of the best methods and tools on offer to effectively identify and risk assess possible threats to your food chain from field to factory?
  • Is full supply chain visibility possible for all categories? Debating the practicalities of tracing ingredients all the way back to source and how far back is far enough to protect consumers?
  • Lessons learned on effectively risk assessing suppliers, brokers and agents to ensure what you are buying is what you are paying for
  • With more raw materials appearing on the ‘at risk list’, assessing new rapid testing methods to ensure your end product is 100% authentic for the consumer whilst avoiding soaring lab costs

09.15 Perspective One
Greg Corbishley
Head of Food Defence
The Bart Ingredients Co.

09.35 Perspective Two
Paul Isherwood
Head of Technical & Quality 
The SHS Group Drinks Division


09.55 Best-In-Class Supply Chain Vulnerability Risk Assessments

With retailers insisting more than ever on full supply chain mapping and tracing back to field for raw materials, learn about the challenges, how to overcome the stumbling blocks and the tools used to achieve full food chain visibility. Gain advanced techniques and methods of mapping and auditing a global, complex supply chain in these real-life, practical case studies.

09.55 Perspective One
Nemanja Vukanic
Technical & Quality Manager

10.15 Perspective Two
Diogo Souza-Monteiro
Senior Lecturer in Agribusiness Management
Newcastle University

10.35 Perspective Three
Salvatore Ranchetti
Group Quality, Sr Director

10.55 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking & Spices Interactive ‘Clinic’ Hosted By:

John Hill
Technical Director
British Pepper & Spice

11.25 Clean Air – A Vital Ingredient

Air comes into contact with our products from Raw Material stage all the way through to packaging and Consumption. It is for this reason that Air should be considered an ingredient to your Food production facility. Hear how Food and Beverage worldwide are using clean air to:

  • Improve product shelf life
  • Create Medium and High Care Areas
  • Reducing Dust and Mould build up

By working closely with Food and Beverage Producers as well as Auditing organisations (such as the BRC), Camfil understand the importance of clean air to producing food for Human Consumption.

Ross Dumigan
Food & Beverage Segment Manager


11.45 Successfully Implement & Achieve A Food Safety Quality Culture Across Your Entire Organisation For A Long-Term Cultural Shift Which Focuses On Product Safety

  •  Practical methods and top tips of changing your existing company culture to successfully implement a food safety focused culture; how do we ensure processes are fully embedded?
  • Reduced customer complaints or increased moral: what are the most effective measurement methods and metrics to gauge the impact and benefit of your food safety culture programme?
  • Top tips on the communication methods and training tools required to ensure food safety is front of mind for all teams and overcome the barriers of language, remote working and short-term staff



12.05 Join Our Experienced Panellists To Discuss The Challenges, Pitfalls & Successes Of Developing A Culture To Put Safety & Quality Above All Else

Prof. Bizhan Pourkomailian
Global Director Restaurant & Distribution, Food Safety

Jenny Pout
Quality Manager
Gü Puds

Linda Calite
Technical Manager
Pizza Hut Europe

Sally-Ann Krzyzaniak
Research Fellow
Portsmouth Business School

Alexis Guest
Group Technical Manager
Dalziel Ltd

Chris Moore
HSE Director
Compass Group UK & Ireland

12.35 Managing the Supply Chain and the Risks and Consequences Involved

  • Managing the risks involved in supply chain processes
  • Dealing with the consequences of disruptions to those processes
  • How you can ensure your FSMS complies with ISO 22000, 9001 & 45001.

Paul Hastings
Sales Account Manager


12.50 Assessing The Latest Regulation Changes & The Introduction Of BRC 8 To Keep Abreast Of Legislation Trends & Future-Proof Your Commercial Plans

  • With BRC 8 now coming into play, digesting and discussing the key changes to quickly and effectively adapt your food safety procedures
  • Get ahead of the curve with a look at the likely impacts of Brexit; what does this mean for food safety?
  • Sugar Tax, Pesticides, Acrylamide, EU & UK laws; assessing the upcoming legislative changes and trends to prepare your teams and processes. What do we need to be kept abreast of? Where’s it all heading?

Dr Lisa Ackerley
Food Safety Adviser
British Hospitality Association

13.05 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.40 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A: Sugar Reduction:
Sally-Anne Drake
Head of Technical & Innovation
Mathiesons Bakery

B: Packaging
Diogo Souza-Monteiro
Senior Lecturer
Newcastle University

C: Honey

D: Whole & Superfood Supply Chain Integrity & Authenticity

Takudzwa Kufa
Head of Technical
Green Origins

14.05 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks


14.10 Assessing The Recent Food Crimes That Have Hit The Industry & The Practical Methods Available To Keep Abreast Of The Latest Threats

  • A look at the main trends, the latest findings and new upcoming threats to food and drink
  • Where and what are the hotspots now? From China to Europe to spices - what should we be watching out for?
  • With a multitude of databases and suppliers offering their services, what are the practical methods of horizon scanning and dealing with food fraud in our businesses?
  • Examples and case studies of previous food fraud incidents – what are the takeaways and key learnings for our organisations?

Ron McNaughton
Head of Food Crime & Incidents
Food Standards Scotland

14.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Can you help clients improve food and drink safety? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@foodsafetytrendsconference.com.


14.50 The National Food Crime Unit shares their views on food fraud trends and insights into the role of the regulator in combating food crime.

Gavan Wafer
Head of Intelligence
National Food Crime Unit

15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.40 Benchmarking & Debating The Latest Technologies & Systems To Decipher Which Could Advance & Streamline Your Food Safety Procedures & Standards

  • Assessing the various innovations on the market - from infra-red spectrum machines to the latest detection methods - which are worth investing in and which are right for your products?
  • From nano technology to novel processing methods; what are the new and novel innovations on offer to extend product shelf life and ensure quality?
  • Take your safety and quality checks to the next level by harnessing the best technology and quality management systems which will allow your processes to become data driven as opposed to end-of-line checks
    Speakers To Be Announced. Please Check For Updates.


16.10 Contaminants & Allergens Are An Ongoing Battle; What Are The Best-Practice Controls & Latest Strategies To Ensure Your End Product Is 100% Safe For The Consumer?

  • Allergens: preventing cross-contamination with advanced segregation controls and supply risk assessments to achieve the free-from status and avoid product recalls
  • Foreign Body: glass, insects, stones! Ensure your end product is free from foreign body contaminants with the latest detection techniques and equipment
  • Pesticides: ensure you are complying with the latest pesticide restrictions with the best possible controls in place

Dr Lisa Ackerley
Food Safety Adviser
British Hospitality Association

Deb Jayaprakash
Technical Manager
Artisan du Chocolat Limited

Nemanja Vukanic
Technical & Quality Manager

Alexis Guest
Group Technical Manager
Dalziel Ltd


16.40 With the Government’s push for manufacturers to reduce sugar and calorie levels and the introduction of the Sugar Tax, what affect will recipe reformulation have on product food safety? Lessons learned on the challenges raised, the checks to implement and the approaches needed to meet the Government requirements whilst ensuring you are meeting food safety criteria.

Dr Gavin Bown
Vice President - Global R&D
Barry Callebaut

17.00 Chairs Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Food Safety Conference, please email info@foodsafetytrendsconference.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299.