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The Foods Connected platform consists of 7 core solutions: Food Safety & Quality, CSR and Sustainability, Procurement & Planning, Specifications & NPD, Supplier Compliance, Traceability and Reporting & Analytics. Each solution has been designed and created by food industry professionals for food industry professionals, to replace time-consuming and manual paper-based processes.

Foods Connected provides food industry suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and service providers with solutions that innovate & digitally transform food supply chain processes in one simple end-to-end platform, resulting in reduced costs, reduced labour, reduced risk and reduced paper and food waste.

The Foods Connected team come from various disciplines in the food industry and therefore our expertise and experience of working with Food Manufacturers, Food Retailers and Food Service Providers of all sizes, means we understand the changing problems and opportunities that the food industry faces and have ready-made simple but innovative solutions to quickly deliver value.

What does this mean for customers? Increased control & visibility by improving efficiency and simplifying tasks - delivered in the simplest way possible.



Wireless Temperature Monitoring & Digital HACCP solutions with Kelsius

Kelsius are an Irish company with a global customer base in the foodservice industry. 

Kelsius provide food safety solutions to hundreds of food businesses that monitor & record temperatures of fridges, freezers and storage areas in hotels, catering, restaurants and retailers to ensure compliance.

FoodCheck 2.0 is a digital HACCP system with temperature probes and fixed sensors for temperature monitoring. The product’s sensors record storage areas consistently and accurately, therefore preventing food and produce waste. The completely tamperproof system also has an alarm which will immediately send alerts of any sudden temperature changes in storage areas, meaning risks due to human error and stock loss are kept at a minimum. 

Kelsius also focus on three key sustainability principles: removing paper, reducing waste and protecting stock. By prioritising each of these, the business aims to reduce global paper and stock waste through its digitised and automated solutions.

The system is bespoke to the customer and can be customised to your specific needs. Their new product offering FoodCheck 2-Go is a simplified version of their FoodCheck 2.0 system suited to smaller businesses that don’t require temperature monitoring sensors, so there is a solution for everybody.



LGC AXIO Proficiency Testing is a global leading proficiency testing (PT) provider, bringing technical expertise and influence to drive the future of quality assurance and accreditation. It provides proficiency testing schemes with localised support across a global network of over 13,000 laboratories in more than 160 countries, conducting over 2,300 proficiency tests each year. AXIO is part of LGC ASSURE, a group that brings four global brands together to deliver a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions across critical touchpoints, with a focus on the manufacturing, laboratory, ingredients and nutritional supplements sectors.



Muddy Boots by TELUS Consumer Goods help solve inefficiencies in how food and goods are produced, distributed, and consumed. We deliver integrated digital solutions and data-driven insights across the entire value chain, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and drive profitable growth. Our solutions connect the global supply chain, driving better production processes and improving our food's safety, quality, and sustainability, all in a way that's traceable and clear to the end consumer. As a company, we are committed to enabling the most efficient production outcomes, while lowering the impact on our environment. Let's make the future friendly.


Realco is a Belgian biotech, which pushes back the boundaries of traditional chemistry by developing, manufacturing and distributing enzyme-based hygiene solutions and processes. It has become the world leader in the field of enzymatic hygiene and decontamination, thereby opening the way to innovative solutions that are increasingly effective, economic and ecological.