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Europe’s Leading Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference Returns To London, 13th May 2020

40 Food & Drink Brands In One Day Reveal Unstoppable Food & Drink Trends & Innovations For Best-Selling Products & Attention-Grabbing Marketing: Capitalise On Critical Vegan, Plant-Based, Health, Sustainability, Convenience & Retail Trends For Captivating Products That Excite Shoppers With The Latest Flavours, Ingredients & International Cuisines, On-Trend Packaging, Profitable NPD Strategies & Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Monetise The Latest Retail & Consumer Insights, Critical Trends & Hot Innovations To Excel In Vegan, Plant-Based & Consumer Health Trends, Meet Rising Demands For Sustainable Packaging, Excite Busy Shoppers With Next-Level NPD, International Cuisines & Innovative Convenience Products & Create Captivating Marketing Campaigns To Skyrocket Sales

  1. Boost Sales With Hot Trends, New Flavours & Key Innovations: Get up-to-date on the latest ingredients, tastes and textures for exciting, profitable products
  2. Capitalise On Vegan, Plant-Based & Flexitarian: Truly understand how plant-based consumers tick and create products that impress both vegans and the mass market
  3. Successfully Monetise Health Trends: Appeal to the health-conscious consumer with healthy new products and innovative use of functional ingredients
  4. The Hottest 2020 Buzzword: Sustainability! Fresh ideas for reduced-waste supply chain, environmentally-friendly packaging and ethically-sourced ingredients
  5. Fresh Retailer & Chef Insights: Predictions from cutting-edge chefs and retailers on the critical products and trends to impress to win consumers in 2020 and beyond
  6. Are Plastics All Bad? The latest industry developments in sustainable packaging that don't compromise on design, product taste or shelf-life
  7. Innovative & Profitable NPD: Exploit the latest consumer insights and gaps in the market for exciting new products that meet shopper demands and skyrocket sales
  8. What International Cuisines Will Be Next On British Plates? Tap into on-trend international ingredients and flavours for exciting new products!
  9. Harness The Power Of Convenience: Create impressive, nutritious on-the-go products that meet busy consumers' needs
  10. Create A Storm With Engaging Marketing & Comms! Captivate consumers and effectively communicate brand values; integrated across instore, online, traditional and social media channels.

PLUS! This Food & Drink Trends Conference Also Features:

  • 40 Iconic Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking
  • New For 2020! Post-Conference Alcohol Trends Workshop Day
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate In 2019
  • Innovative Taste Demos From Pioneering Chefs
  • In-Depth Conversations & Speaker Interviews
  • 4 Facilitated Breakout Discussions Covering: A) Gut Health B) Sustainability & Packaging C) Long-Term Brand Building D) eCommerce