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28 In-House Food Safety Directors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Proactive Allergen Controls • Allergens Advisory Board • Supply Chain Traceability • Food Safety Culture • Food Fraud Breakouts • New Technologies • Covid-19 & Future Threats • Industry Hot Topic Breakouts • Brexit – New Trade, New Frontiers • Microbial Testing • Regulations

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 9th June 2021, Virtually. If there are Government restrictions at the time, the conference will take place online on our dedicated virtual platform. View Information Pack. Click Here To Book! For Groups Of 10+ Please Call + 44 (0)203 479 2299.

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Heads & Directors Of Food Safety, Technical &  Quality Share Unmissable Insights Into Reducing Risks, Protecting Consumers & Preparing For Future Threats Through Stringent Allergen Controls, Proactive Supply Chain Traceability & Driving Down Food Fraud. How are they harnessing the latest technologies, microbial testing and powering a business-wide culture of food safety whilst keeping on top of the latest Brexit and regulatory changes?

  1. Robust Allergen ControlsEnsure consumer safety with clear communication, new tech and authoritative allergen control methods
  2. Drive Traceability Across Global Supply ChainsPractical strategies to bolster quality, integrity and authenticity across complex supply networks
  3. Powerful Food Safety CulturesExceed regulator expectations with embedded employee awareness and consistent food safety cultures
  4. Proactively Tackle Emerging Food Safety ThreatsFrom Covid-19 to fill-your-own, fight the threats of tomorrow and future-proof your business
  5. Minimise Food Fraud: From authenticity testing and supplier assurance to food defence and adulteration, tackle food fraud threats and risks throughout the supply chain
  6. Safety-Boosting Technology InnovationsLeverage the hottest technology advancements to streamline and simplify food safety procedures
  7. Navigate Brexit & UncertaintySustain quality standards during political change and take advantage of emerging opportunities
  8. Best-In-Class Microbial TestingDrive down contaminants and protect consumers with the latest testing innovations
  9. Keep Pace With Regulatory Changes & Industry StandardsEnsure product compliance with the latest regulatory updates from industry experts

Can you help businesses in the food industry enhance their food safety management and efficiency? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

You'll Be In Safe Hands. Here's What Previous Attendees Of Our Food & Drink Safety Conferences Have To Say:

PLUS! What's New At The 5th Annual Proactive Food Safety Conference - Counter Risks, Protect Consumers?

  • 28 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking In 1 Day!
  • 5 Years Of Insights & Inspiration
  • Industry-Led Breakouts: Covid-19, Brexit & Future Threats
  • 6 Dedicated Food Fraud Discussions: 1) Adulteration
    Internal Vs External Threats 3) Risk Assessments 4) Supplier Assurance 5) Food Defence 6) Authenticity Testing
  • 3 Panel Discussions & Q&A: Allergens – Advisory Board, Food Safety Culture & Regulatory Update

28 In-House Food Safety Directors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Proactive Allergen Controls • Allergens Advisory Board • Supply Chain Traceability • Food Safety Culture • Food Fraud Breakouts • New Technologies • Covid-19 & Future Threats • Industry Hot Topic Breakouts • Brexit – New Trade, New Frontiers • Microbial Testing • Regulations

Hard-Hitting, Effective Approaches To Eliminate Internal & External Risks & Threats To Consumers & Businesses From Allergens, Fraud & Vulnerabilities Throughout Supply Chains For Robust, Proactive & Advanced Food & Drink Safety Strategies. Reduce Risks & Ensure Product Authenticity & Quality Through Effective Allergen Strategies, Traceable, Transparent Supply Chain Management, Powerful Safety Cultures, The Latest Tech & Microbial Testing To Drive Down Food Fraud & Keep Pace With Regulatory Changes

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 9th June 2021, Virtually.

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr Stella Cochrane, Science Leader: Allergy & Immunology, Unilever


09:10 Ensure Consumer Safety With Effective & Compliant Allergen Control Strategies

  • With Natasha’s Law imminent, how can companies ensure their allergen labelling is prepared for the change, and ensure regulatory compliance?
  • What are the latest scientific breakthroughs to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and drive consumer confidence in your products?
  • How can we go above and beyond labelling to ensure customers are effectively informed about allergens, and direct them to the best information possible?

Rentia Smit, Quality Lead, Taco Bell Europe



09:30 Your Questions Answered! Our Expert Panel Debate The Key Issues In Labelling, Traceability & Testing To Decrease Risks & Reduce Recalls

  • How can technology help food safety professionals keep track of allergen information, and ensure this spreads throughout the supply chain?
  • Communication is key! How can companies ensure employees are bought into the importance of food safety to ensure compliant products for consumers every time?
  • With so many different sources of information about allergens, how can food safety professionals cut through the noise to find the correct information they need to ensure products are safe and compliant?

Philip Quinn, Senior Director of QA (International), Papa John’s (GB) Ltd

Nemanja Vukanic, Head of Technical & Quality, itsu [grocery]




Leanne Duncan, Food Safety Compliance Manager, Scotmid Ltd





10:00 Ensure Authenticity & Reduce The Risk Of Food Fraud To Sustain Quality & Traceability Standards Throughout Global Supply Chains

  • From auditing systems to blockchain, discover the latest technology advancements to improve authenticity, traceability and security in food supply
  • Best-practice measures to drive transparency between businesses in complex chains
  • With business-critical information passing through supply chains, what steps can be taken to build and maintain trust between supply networks?
  • From Brexit to Covid-19 to changing political landscapes, how can we navigate uncertainty to provide certainty on our ingredients and product integrity?

Antonio Nespoli, Global Quality & Food Safety Governance & Thermal Process Authority Director, Barilla Group




10:20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10:50 Implement Effective Tactics To Drive An Internal Culture Of Food Safety & Go Above & Beyond Regulatory Targets

  • Quick tips and tricks to boost employees’ awareness of food safety across multiple sites
  • How can food safety be embedded as a critical element of a business at all times and drive a culture where it is a top priority?
  • How can culture be effectively measured to prove the success of your strategy?
  • With staff changeover inevitable between audits, ensure that the steps needed to drive a positive safety culture have filtered through to every employee


Daniel Image-Flower, Formerly Head of Food Safety, WHSmith



Linda Cudjoe, Head of Food Safety & Technical, Harrods




Jonathon Bayne, Technical Manager, Waitrose & Partners




Linda Calite, Technical Manager, Jordans Dorset Ryvita




Idwin Bouman, Director of Quality Assurance, Monster Energy




Anna Pozarova, QA Technologist, Pukka Pies

David Brooks, Head of Food, Health & Safety, BaxterStorey




Chris Moore, HSE Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland




Joana Domingues, Food Safety Director Waters, Beverages & Breakthrough Innovation, Danone




Dr Jim Hartley, Associate Director – Global Sanitation, Mondelēz International




Alexis Guest, Group Technical Manager, Dalziel Ltd


11:35 Best Practices For Private Label Collaboration Between Retailers & Suppliers

Bobby Michael Raymond, Strategic Account Director, Trace One

FOOD FRAUD - Breakout Sessions

11:50 Remove Threats & Drive Product Quality End-To-End Throughout Complex & Shifting Supply Chains

A) Authenticity Testing
Flor Luque, Supplier Assurance Manager, Arla Foods




B) Risk Assessments

C) Food Defence 
Sarah Delaney, UK & IE Food Safety Manager, Ikea Group

D) Adulteration 
Deb Jayaprakash, Technical Manager, Artisan du Chocolat




E) External vs Internal
Linda Cudjoe, Head of Food Safety & Technical, Harrods


12:35 Discover The Latest Innovations In Food Safety & New Technologies To Enhance & Simplify Food Safety Practices

  • With new tech advancements emerging constantly, how can businesses decipher which can demonstrably boost food safety and have long-lasting impact on standards?
  • How can digital auditing systems improve data security and traceability throughout the supply chain?
  • With blockchain having been on the radar in recent years, how can we decide if it truly is the future of food safety or just a flash in the pan?
  • Uncover advances in temperature monitoring to drive safety standards and protect consumers

Greg Corbishley, Technical & CSR Director, The Bart Ingredients Co.


12:55 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13:55 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dr Bizhan Pourkomailian, Global Restaurant & Distribution Food Safety Director, McDonald’s


14:05 Stay Ahead Of The Curve To Protect Consumers & Proactively Tackle The Food Safety Threats Of Tomorrow

  • Employ stringent methods to protect food integrity during health outbreaks and drive food integrity at times of crisis
  • With food trends like veganism on the rise, how can we ensure cross-contamination of food is compliant with consumers’ ethical choices as well as their health concerns?
  • What risks could companies face around fill-your-own schemes, and how can these be alleviated in the early stages of this emerging trend?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for details.


14:55 Industry Experts Decipher The Latest Updates On Labelling, Regulation & Recalls For Specific Food Sectors To Enhance Safety & Protect Consumers

A) Manufacturing
Elena Talaiporou, Supplier Quality Manager, Lavazza Professional




B) Ingredients
Alexis Guest, Group Technical Manager, Dalziel Ltd



C) Food Service

D) Retail


15.25 Sustain High Standards During Uncertain Times To Take Advantage Of New Opportunities Whilst Delivering Compliant Products To Consumers & Suppliers

  • With the transition period in full swing, how can we mitigate against any threats to food integrity or safety post-Brexit?
  • Ensure supply chain authenticity isn’t affected by possible changes in import/export rules and maintaining ongoing relationships in changing times
  • With new markets opening up in the wake of Brexit, what opportunities are available to food brands and how can we ensure that safety standards are kept
    high at this time?

15:45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16:15 Updates On The Latest Testing Innovations To Streamline Processes & Reduce Risk To Customers

  • What new testing methods are emerging to help drive accuracy and speed during testing?
  • Listeria hysteria! With cases on the rise, discover new methods of prevention to protect consumers from harm
  • How can the development of bacteria typing help create advanced testing procedures and enhance safety standards?

Lalitha Sivasundaram, Head of Technical, Taiko Foods Ltd


16:35 Keep Pace With The Latest Regulatory Changes To Ensure Compliance & Quality Across The Board

  • Regulators vs. Retailers: With different standards set by auditors on both sides, how can companies take stock of the requirements to set and achieve the highest food safety standards possible?
  • What are the implications of Brexit on food safety regulations, and how can we prepare for the future?
  • With complex legislation focusing on different areas of the food industry, how can professionals ensure they have the correct regulatory information to ensure they’re keeping customers safe and preventing recalls?

Liz Colebrook, Global SRA Director, Food Safety, Mars Inc.




Claudia Mucciardi, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs - EMEA, Glanbia Performance Nutrition




Jeremy Lockley, Senior Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Five Guys International




Deb Jayaprakash, Technical Manager, Artisan du Chocolat




17:05 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Dr Bizhan Pourkomailian, Global Restaurant & Distribution Food Safety Director, McDonald’s

17:10 Close Of Conference

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