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20 European Heads & Directors Of Food Safety, Technical & Quality Share Expert Insights In Just One Day!

Develop Innovative Strategies Post-Pandemic To Build Supply Chain Resilience Through Shortages, Navigate European Regulations, Control Allergen Threats & Food Fraud Threats, & Revitalise Food Safety Cultures To Protect Consumers & Organisations With Proactive, Future-Proofed Food & Drink Safety Strategies

A European, One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 16th November 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3. Novotel Amsterdam City.

20 European Heads & Directors Of Food Safety, Technical & Quality Share Expert Insights Into: Protecting consumers and brands from food safety threats with resilient supply chain strategies, key regulatory updates, re-energised culture strategies, innovative new technologies and rigorous allergen controls to reduce food fraud and protect against future threats whilst embedding compliant, sustainable practices in food safety

  1. Revitalised Food Safety Cultures: Reenergise safety cultures post-pandemic and solidify your food safety foundations throughout the business
  2. Developing Resilient Supply Chains: Navigate uncertainty and disruption to provide business continuity and ensure food quality under pressure
  3. Prepare For Key Regulatory Updates: Untangle legislative complexity to drive compliance and consistently protect consumers
    and brands
  4. Bolster Sustainable Food Safety Practices: Grow green credentials and legislative compliance without increasing food
    safety risks
  5. Gold-Standard Food Fraud Strategies: Ensure authenticity and trust throughout supplier networks for strengthened protections against food fraud
  6. Ensure Rigorous Allergen Controls: Reduce cross-contamination and consumer risks through stringent and compliant allergen strategies
  7. Safety-Boosting New Technologies: Harness the latest tech innovations to drive farm-to-fork authenticity, quality and safety
  8. Compliant Labelling & Claims: From sustainability to allergens to nutrition, ensure your labelling meets the highest safety and quality standards
  9. Testing & Microbiology Innovations: Develop advanced strategies and processes for next-generation microbial testing
  10. Stay Ahead Of The Latest Threats: Prepare effectively for future risks to future-proof food safety strategies

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PLUS! What's New At The 7th Edition Proactive Food Safety Conference - Counter Risks, Protect Consumers?

  • We're Taking This Prestigious, Industry-Led Event To AMSTERDAM!
  • Brand New European, Practical Strategies & New Case Studies!
  • 20 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking In 1 Day!
  • Expert Insights From Manufacturers, Ingredients, FTG, Restaurants & More
  • 6 Years Of Safety Insights & Expertise
  • 5 Dedicated Food Fraud Discussions: 1) Authenticity Testing 2) Food Defence 3) Risk Assessments 4) Supplier Assurance 5) Adulteration
  • 3 Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Revitalised Food Safety Cultures B) Stringent Allergen Controls C) Future Threats
  • 9 International Perspectives! 

20 Food & Drink Safety, Technical & Quality Directors Speaking. 1 Day. Central London: Supply Chain Resilience ▪ Regulatory Updates ▪ Revitalised Food Safety Cultures ▪ Sustainability Strategies ▪ Food Fraud ▪ Allergen Controls ▪ New Technologies ▪ Compliant Labelling ▪ Microbiology ▪ Future Threats

6 Years Of Market-Leading Food Safety Events & 100% Satisfaction Rating At Our Most Recent Conferences... Past Delegates Say It The Best:

Develop Innovative Strategies Post-Pandemic To Build Supply Chain Resilience Through Shortages, Navigate European Regulations, Control Allergen Threats & Food Fraud Threats, & Revitalise Food Safety Cultures To Protect Consumers & Organisations With Proactive, Future-Proofed Food & Drink Safety Strategies

A European, One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 16th November 2022, Amsterdam.
Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.
No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks


09.10 Empower, Educate & Effectively Support Teams & Ensure A Strong Foundation of Food Safety Culture Is Embedded Throughout The Business

  • With COVID restrictions lifting around the world, how can we ensure good hygiene practices are embedded in teams and vigilance to food safety practices remains high?
  • Lead from the top: ensure training, assessments and safety-first practices are embedded throughout the organisation which solidify farm to fork safety
  • Help food safety culture live and breathe through your organisation with effective and innovative communication methods which embed exceptional standards into daily practices
  • How can colleagues feel empowered to speak up if they notice non-compliant behaviours and practices?
  • Demonstrate the true value of your culture programmes with powerful and impactful measurement

Noeleen Donegan, Global Vice President Food Safety & Quality, Kerry

Pia Fiil Christensen, Head of Food Safety & Quality Assurance, HelloFresh Nordics

Virginie Rivas, Global Director Regulatory Affairs, Food Safety & Customs, Bel

Rentia Smit, Head of Food Safety & Quality, Taco Bell UK & Europe

Soumaya Commenville, QA & Risk Lead, KFC Western Europe

Greg Hunn, Technical Director, Greencore

Seda Bayhan, Quality & Food Safety Lead, Bunge


09.40 COVID, War, Fuel, Brexit… Build Tough & Adaptable Supply Chain Strategies To Overcome Availability & Cost Challenges, Minimise Risk & Drive Safety & Quality For Consumers

  • With raw material shortages and supply chain gridlock in key areas, how can we confirm the safety and compliance of new ingredients and ensure the quality of the end product?
  • What are the opportunities to pre-assess supplier risk and pre-empt issues? Implement new technologies effectively and ensure
    proactiveness when it comes to ingredient supply chains
  • Stockpiling? Are the increased up-front and storage costs worth the reduction in complexity? Are you just delaying the inevitable?
    • Price volatility and inflation: with the rise in raw material and logistics costs, what does that mean for our suppliers and the quality of the products they send to us and how can we stay ahead of the game and ensure we are delivering safe products?
  • How can existing supply chain vulnerabilities be accurately assessed to focus resources and strengthen these areas against potential food fraud?
  • Proactively plan and bolster relationships throughout the supply chain to minimise the pressure shortages and price volatility puts on ingredient availability, integrity and quality

Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence & Regulatory Affairs, The Bart Ingredients Company

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Wipotec


10.15 Keep Pace With Ever-Changing Legislation To Drive Compliant Food Safety Procedures & Protect Brands & Consumers From Harm

  • European legislation can be especially complex and constantly being updated, so how can food safety professionals keep pace with the key issues to remain compliant, boost safety and prevent recalls?
  • Prepare effectively for plastic packaging regulations and the drive for sustainability without losing focus on cross-contamination and other safety criteria
  • Supply chain preparedness for new legislation: how can we ensure our business-critical suppliers are prepared to ensure business continuity and ongoing product delivery?
  • Import/export: what are the food safety implications of changing rules and access?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Foods Connected


11.20 Bridge The Gap Between Sustainability Goals & Food Safety Practices To Develop Green Processes That Still Prioritise Quality & Safety

  • With the drive to minimise or replace plastic packaging, how can food safety professionals reduce the risks of cross contamination with reusable materials?
  • What do we need to factor in when it comes to the impact of climate change on agriculture and new contamination risks arising from chemicals needed to manage pests and weeds?
  • How can the carbon footprint of food be effectively tracked from farm to fork given the complex process and stakeholders involved?
  • When new legislations and sustainability goals are emerging constantly, how can food safety professionals take proactive steps to drive new processes and get ahead of the curve?
  • Does greenwashing fall under disinformation? How can we safeguard ourselves when green credentials are so hard to document and support?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.


11.40 Reduce Risks, Drive Authenticity & Secure Product Quality Through Food Fraud Strategies That Secure Business Continuity In Times Of Crisis

  • How can customers and brands be protected from food fraud threats during times of raw material shortage and immense supplier pressure?
  • Build trust throughout supplier networks and develop co-working practices that sustain food integrity and authenticity
  • Harness digital supplier assurance strategies and technologies to boost transparency throughout your supply chain

Indranil Ray, Director - Nutrition & Global Food Safety, Reckitt

12.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Novolyze


12.15 Protect Consumers From Harm & Ensure Organisational Standards With Effective Strategies To Communicate Allergens, Remove Cross-Contamination & Reduce Risks

  • Track allergen risks effectively throughout complicated supplier networks and develop clear communication strategies within supply chains
  • New risks! With the increase in lab-grown dairy and new contaminant and allergen risks, how can we keep pace to ensure our products contain ONLY what it says on the tin
  • Informing customers is a crucial element of allergen controls, so how can we ensure clear and compliant labelling when it comes to ‘may contain’?
  • When supply chains are under so much pressure and with so many things to track, how can we ensure rigorous and effective allergen controls?

Jovana Milić Jensen, Head Of Compliance, Risk & Safety, JOE & THE JUICE

Sabrina D'Arcy, Food Safety & Sanitation Director Europe, Kerry

Steven Glass, Director Global Food Safety, Just Eat

Zoë Shuttlewood, EMEA Food Safety & Quality Systems Lead, McCormick

Dr Lalitha Sivasundaram, Technical Director, Seagems Norway AS

Sarah Delaney, UK & IE Food Safety Manager, Ikea Group

12.45 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.45 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence & Regulatory Affairs, The Bart Ingredients Company


13.55 Highlight The Latest Innovations & Technologies In Food Safety To Proactively Tackle Future Risks & Drive Advances In
Quality & Safety

  • How can we use digital advancements to truly push food safety forwards and keep the pace of supply chain renovation?
  • Pest management and prevention is a key pre-requisite to product safety, so can we improve efficiency and efficacy through innovating current approaches?
  • Implement new tech advancements effectively and ensure they truly deliver measurable improvements and process simplification

Antonio Nespoli, Region Italy Q&FS Director, Barilla

15.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - TELLUS Agriculture


14.30 Hear How Yum! Brands Have Changed Their Auditing Approach To Food Safety, How Risk Across Their Supply Chain Is Managed And How Their Restaurants Are Building A Food Safety & Quality Culture Led By Their Franchise Operators

Lewis Chadley, Quality Assurance Manager, KFC CEE

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Veena


15.05 With New European Legislation Around Labelling & An Increased Focus On Product Claims For Sustainability, Vegan, Natural & Allergens Labelling, How Can We Ensure That We Are Compliant In Every Territory?

  • Nutrition, plant-based, organic, how can we navigate regulations around product claims across borders to ensure compliance and consumer trust?
  • How to be the gatekeeper on claims when marketing are keen to promote product features?
  • What is acceptable allergen labelling? How to be crystal clear when lab-grown vegan products can be perceived as non-allergenic and “may contain” is overused?
  • Sustainability and greenwashing: can products which don’t live up to their supposed green credentials be interpreted as misleading claims?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.


15.25 Food Fraud Deep-Dive Discussions

a) Adulteration

Alexis Guest, Group Technical Manager, Dalziel Ltd

b) Food Defence

c) Risk Assessments

d) Supplier Assurance

e) Authenticity Testing

16.15 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Unlock The Latest Innovations In Microbiology To Build Testing Strategies Fit For The Future

  • Harness key updates in microbiology to drive accuracy, quality and consumer safety
  •  How can we ensure external threats and disruptions don’t impact on microbial testing and develop business resilience?
  • What does the future look like for microbiology and testing, and what opportunities and risks are ahead for food safety professionals?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.


16.35 Prepare Effectively For New Food Safety Threats & Ensure Both Business Continuity & Consumer Safety

  • What key threats are on the horizon for food safety professionals in the medium and long term?
  • How can technology and predictive modelling assist in preparing effectively for future risks and drive business preparedness?
  • With climate change impacting heavily on growing regions, how can food safety professionals prepare for new allergen and cross-contamination risks?

Gerben Steggink, VP Quality & Food Safety SNu, Danone

Jonathon Bayne, Technical Manager, Waitrose & Partners

17.05 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence & Regulatory Affairs, The Bart Ingredients Company