A Global Insight Conferences Event – 14 Years of Unquestionable Quality

Guarantee Stringent Allergen Controls, Ensure Compliance With Regulatory Updates, Protect Crucial Supply Chains & Harness The Power of Revolutionary AI & New Tech To

Remove Risks With Predictive, Proactive & Powerful Food & Drink Safety Strategies

3rd Annual One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, Amsterdam, 14th November 2024


8.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks


9.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jan Kranghand, Group Head of Food Safety & Equality, ARYZTA



9.10 Develop Stringent & Powerful Allergen Control Systems That Minimise Consumer Risk & Ensure Safety & Business Integrity  

  • Are allergen thresholds the way forward to boost protections for customers and move from catch-all labelling to truly informing consumers?
  • Strengthen collaboration throughout the supply chain to reduce cross-contamination and overall risk for consumers.
  • As regenerative agriculture, organic production, and climate change bring new allergen risks, how can companies prepare for change and ensure customers are receiving safe, quality products?

Ashraf Shehata, Global Director, Quality & Food Safety, Mars Food & Nutrition

Laura Pariente, Quality Director EMEA, Grupo Bimbo


09.40 Maintain Consistent Adherence To Food Safety Legislation & Uphold Consumer Protections Amidst Regulatory Changes

  • With regulatory changes happening rapidly across the globe, how can companies keep pace with change and ensure they aren’t caught out?
  • How can complex regulatory advice be translated into direct practices for food safety and quality professionals?
  • As regulatory divergence between the UK and EU begins to bite, how can companies streamline processes to ensure compliance across borders?

09.40 Celia Martin, Regulatory Director & Health Ingredients Innovation Program Manager, Lallemand Bio Ingredients



10.00 Maximise The Game-Changing Potential Of AI & New Tech Advances To Revolutionise Quality & Safety Processes

  • AI is the buzzword, but where can its implementation have the most impact for food safety and quality professionals today?
  • How close is the food industry to truly becoming predictive through AI and digitalisation, and will it become possible to catch issues before they occur?
  • How can companies leverage their existing data through tech and tools for effective decision making and stringent quality and safety practices?
  • With tech investments often involving large scale organisational change, how can tech implementation be futureproofed to ensure long-term effectiveness and success?

Jean-Philippe Cloquet, Quality, Environment, Safety Senior Director, The Coca-Cola Company

Alessandro L. Merlo, Quality Manager Italy, Kellydeli


10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.30 Meet The Needs Of Regulators & Consumers In New Food Areas & Ensure Safety, Quality & Compliance Across Claims & Contents

  • As consumer interest in vegan and novel food products continues to grow, how can food companies ensure safety and compliance when working in new areas?
  • How can food companies guarantee customer safety when consuming vegan products, considering potential misconceptions that a vegan label implies allergen-free status?
  • How can food producers develop innovative products around novel foods whilst staying compliant with EU legislation?


11.50 Develop Robust Supply Chains In The Face Of Disruption & Ensure Quality, Traceability & Safety Throughout Complex Supply Networks

  • When disruption to supply chains occur, how can companies assess potential new ingredients sources with agility, without losing sight of quality?
  • With supply chain disruption comes the risk of food fraud! How can companies effectively mitigate against potential fraud and ensure quality, safe products in difficult times?
  • How can digital tech and tools increase traceability throughout supply chains and drive quality and safety from farm to customer?

Burcu Çelebi, FSQA Lead For Central Europe BU, PepsiCo


12.10 Mitigate Against Microbiological Risks & Ensure Customer Safety & Product Quality Through Stringent Testing

  • Develop enhanced and proactive testing procedures to reduce consumer harm and power product quality
  • What potential gaps in food safety management are causing the rise in food poisoning cases seen around the world, and how can these gaps be plugged?
  • What potential changes to microbiological legislation are on the horizon, and how can safety and quality professionals prepare effectively?

Sevin Kamsoglu, Turkey Quality Lead, Kerry Gida


12.30 Morning Chair’s Closing Remarks & Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.30 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Gideon Ashworth, Technical Director, The Bart Ingredients Company

13.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner



14.10 Embed Safety Cultures Top To Bottom Throughout Organisations Through Influential Strategies That Drive Sky-High Quality & Safety

  • How can safety professionals truly embed food safety cultures throughout a business, and ensure that the right processes are being followed even when people aren’t watching?
  • What effective strategies can assist in measuring food safety cultures, quantifiably assess areas of success, and determine those that need improvement?
  • How can food safety and quality professionals effectively communicate the why of food safety throughout a company, and not just the what?
  • When culture can mean different things across the world, how can global businesses break down individual barriers and achieve a consistent, global food safety culture?

Nicola Washington, Head of Food Safety & Quality, Cranswick Country Foods PLC

Virginie Rivas, Global Director Regulatory Affairs, Food Safety & Customs, Bel

Nada Galesne, Group Quality Director, Refresco

Dr. Lalitha Sivasundaram, Technical Director, Seagems Group

Dr. Zeina Kassaify, Mars Petcare Global Food Safety Director, Mars Petcare

Sofia Morais, Group Regulatory Affairs Director, Puratos



14.40 Deep Dive Into The Specific Food & Drink Safety Issues Throughout The Supply Chain & Discuss Issues With Like-Minded Practitioners 

a) Ingredients & Raw Materials

b) Manufacturing & Processing

c) Direct To Consumer


15.10 Ensure Stringent Labelling Compliance Whilst Maximising Customers Ability To Make Safe, Informed Food Choices

  • How can precautionary allergen labelling be optimised to protect customers, without becoming ineffective through overuse?
  • How can vegan labelling be optimised to ensure customers have full understanding of both products’ vegan credentials alongside potential allergen risks?
  • With sustainability high on consumers’ mind, how can sustainability labelling assist in boosting green credentials and assist customers in making informed choices?

Camila Monteiro, Food Safety Specialist & Quality Lead, Beverages, Unilever

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking



16.00 Ensure Gold-Standard Food & Drink Safety Standards Whilst Driving Forward Crucial Sustainability Practices

  • As the climate crisis threatens growing areas and agriculture around the globe, what key steps can safety and quality professionals take to prepare and mitigate against potential impact?
  • What steps can safety and quality professionals take to embed sustainability in day-to-day practices without sacrificing quality standards?
  • Food waste – how can the right balance between sustainability and food safety be achieved?

16.00 Noeleen Donegan, Global VP Food Safety & Quality, Kerry

16.20 Marina Van Cauwenberghe, Group Quality & Food Safety Director, Puratos

Catarina Petisca, Global Food Safety Manager, Puratos



16.40 Develop Powerful Reputations Around Food Safety & Quality & Drive Customer Confidence & Satisfaction In Food & Drink

  • How can food companies effectively educate customers and the public around food safety and quality, and reduce the risk of misinformation?
  • When safety issues arise, customer trust can be lost throughout the whole industry! How can food and drink companies retain trust from consumers in their safety standards when issues arise elsewhere?
  • What role do certification boards have to play in showcasing high quality and safety standards to customers and truly winning their trust?

Rentia Smit, Head of Food Safety, QA & FIT, Taco Bell Europe

Frank van der Veer, Global Lead Quality & Licenses, The HEINEKEN Company

Javier Chavarria, Technical Manager, Schweppes International Limited

Nicole Zanelli, Quality Control & Assurance Manager, Witor’s SpA


17.10 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Gideon Ashworth, Technical Director, The Bart Ingredients Company