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Our Partners

Authenticate is a software and data platform that provides top UK supermarkets, foodservice operators and manufacturers with previously unseen insight into their supply chains. Powered by a global directory of over 20,000 food business profiles, Authenticate offers supply chain mapping services combined with valuable data and powerful reporting tools for a comprehensive compliance solution.

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Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) is firmly established as a trusted partner in the provision of product development, analytical, investigational, consultancy and training services to the food and consumer goods sectors.

Our expertise is wide ranging and includes all aspects of food and drink product development, structural and product analysis, claim substantiation, ingredient stability, allergen management, authenticity, contaminant identification and more.

RSSL is UKAS accredited which ensures that our analytical services meet the needs of industry.  We are trusted by industry to provide a solution with scientific excellence, outstanding customer service and professionalism.



Safefood 360° are the complete Food Safety, Quality and Compliance Management Software for the Forward Thinking Enterprise Food Company. Built by food industry experts to allow you to implement, maintain and adapt to continuously changing legal and commercial compliance requirements.

Time, resources and knowledge are required to maintain compliance in the form of a food safety management system. Unlike current paper-based systems, Safefood 360° breaks new ground by combining purpose-built software and domain expertise with Business Intelligence to meet the requirements of food safety management in a smarter and more efficient manner than possible before.

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WorldAware's Product Risk Management team offers a wide range of contaminated and malfunctioning product recall, tamper and extortion mitigation, and response consultancy services to help clients minimise risks and reduce the impact of such events to their business.

WorldAware helps your company develop quality assurance systems, ensure regulatory compliance, manage public relations, and maintain preparedness with training courses, crisis simulation exercises, and comprehensive audits. If an incident does occur, WorldAware's multidisciplinary team is available to help you minimise any negative impact on your company, people and profits.