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Our Partners

Fortress Technology puts consumer food safety first. In a world where better is just around the corner, we are trusted by thousands of global manufacturers to design, build, install & maintain inspection equipment that deliver exactly what they promise. From food to FMCG; pharmaceutical to bulk; SMEs to listed companies; metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray to combination systems; Fortress machines are designed to catch contaminants, slash waste, spot product defects, comply with weights legislation & reduce production downtime -wherever in the world you manufacture or export to. We regularly design systems that slot straight into existing production and packaging lines. For 20+ years we have offered the Fortress ‘Never Obsolete’ guarantee, ensuring future sustainability & compliance with HACCP & Codes of Practice. This guarantee extends across all our new inspection systems.

Realco is a Belgian biotech, which pushes back the boundaries of traditional chemistry by developing, manufacturing and distributing enzyme-based hygiene solutions and processes. It has become the world leader in the field of enzymatic hygiene and decontamination, thereby opening the way to innovative solutions that are increasingly effective, economic and ecological.

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Your expert partner for the food sector.

Lloyd’s Register is one of the world’s leading service providers of food safety certification and customised assurance solutions. We work collaboratively with farms, fisheries, food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and global retailers to help manage food safety and sustainability risks throughout supply chains, using technical expertise underpinned by innovative technology and comprehensive training.

We provide compliance and risk services for over 40,000 food, beverage and hospitality businesses globally. Our experts work in partnership with your quality, compliance and risk professionals to ensure you receive the exact service your business requires both today and tomorrow. Our model enables us to adapt alongside you as your business evolves over time. Clients tell us that this, together our technical expertise, makes us stand out from our competitors.

To find out how we can support your organisation contact the team at, on 0800 783 2179 or visit