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Proactive Food & Drink Safety: Practical, Realistic Approaches To Identify & Reduce Risks, Threats, Allergens, Microbial Contamination, Fraud & Vulnerabilities Across The Supply Chain & Business

Utilising Innovative Scientific Methods, Robust Risk Assessments & Technological Advancements To Protect Consumer Health & Brand Integrity In A Changing World Of Regulation & Political Uncertainty. One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 18th September 2019, One Whitehall Place, Central London

PLUS! Don't Miss The Separately-Bookable Preventing Food Fraud Day - Ensuring Integrity

Protecting End-To-End Product Quality & Safety Through Changing Supply Chains & Escalating Risks: Horizon-Scanning For Emerging Vulnerabilities, Testing For Adulteration & Tracing New Threats To Safeguard & Secure Production Processes & Boost Consumer Confidence In Product Authenticity

A One-Day, Interactive Event, 19th September 2019, One Whitehall Place, Central London