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Book Now & Save £100! Join Us LIVE In London! Protect Your Consumers & Business Today - Latest Insights From 34 Directors & Heads Of Food Safety, Technical & Quality 

Remove Risks With Proactive, Gold-Standard Food & Drink Safety Strategies: New Practices & Strategies To Safeguard Consumers & Businesses By Building Resilient Supply Chains Amid Uncertainty, Control Allergen Threats & Food Fraud, Comply With Regulatory Updates & Embed Safe Cultures & New Technology Trends

A One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 15th June 2022, One America Square, London. Send Your Team - Book 4 For 3!

34 Heads & Directors Of Food Safety, Technical & Quality Share Expert Insights Into Protecting Consumers & Businesses From Food Safety Risks With Resilient Supply Chains, Stringent Allergen Controls, New Technology Innovations, Regulatory Compliance & By Building Strong Food Safety Cultures That Reduce Food Fraud & Future Threats Whilst Developing Sustainable Business Practices

  1. Practical Steps To Build Strong, Resilient Supply Chains Today: Navigate uncertainty in global networks to ensure traceability and quality throughout
  2. Advanced, Stringent Allergen Control Strategies: Boost consumer safety and regulatory compliance with robust allergen controls
  3. Keep Pace With The Latest Regulatory Updates: Stay on top of the latest regulatory changes to ensure product and business compliance and quality
  4. New Technology Trends & Innovations To Bolster Safety: Simplify processes and raise standards with the latest tech advancements
  5. Embedded Food Safety Cultures Fully: Build consistency throughout the company with culture strategies that reach all parts of the business consistently
  6. Tackle Food Fraud Threats Head On: Improve traceability throughout the supply chain to verify authenticity, improve quality and remove fraud risks
  7. Gold-Standard Food Safety Audits: Harness the latest technologies to deliver best-in-class audits, both in-person and virtually
  8. Drive Sustainability Across The Food Industry: Keep safety and quality at the top of the agenda when developing sustainable business practices
  9. Up-To-Date Microbiology Innovations: Reduce risks and protect consumers with advanced microbial testing measures
  10. Navigate Emerging Threats On The Horizon & Future Trends: Future-proof your strategies and stay ahead of the curve to fight future threats effectively

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PLUS! What's New At The 6th Annual Proactive Food Safety Conference - Counter Risks, Protect Consumers?

  • New, Practical Strategies & New Case Studies!
  • 34 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking In 1 Day!
  • 6 Years Of Safety Insights & Expertise
  • 5 Dedicated Food Fraud Discussions: 1) Adulteration 2) Supplier Assurance 3) Food Defence 4) Digitalising Supplier Quality Assurance 5) Authenticity Testing
  • 3 Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Allergen Controls B) Food Safety Culture C) Future Trends, Emerging Threats

You'll Be In Safe Hands. Here's What Previous Attendees Of Our Food & Drink Safety Conferences Have To Say:

34 In-House Food Safety Directors Tackle Your Toughest Challenges In 1 Day: Resilient Supply Chain Strategies • Allergen Controls • Regulation Updates • New Technologies • Food Safety Culture • Food Fraud • Safety Audits • Sustainability • Microbiology • Future Trends, Emerging Threats

Remove Risks With Proactive, Gold-Standard Food & Drink Safety Strategies: New Practices & Strategies To Safeguard Consumers & Businesses By Building Resilient Supply Chains Amid Uncertainty, Control Allergen Threats & Food Fraud, Comply With Regulatory Updates & Embed Safe Cultures & New Technology Trends

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 15th June 2022, Central London.

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Alexis Guest, Group Technical Manager, Dalziel Ltd


09.10 Sustain Quality & Traceability Standards, Reduce Risks & Prevent Food Fraud Through Robust Supply Chain Strategies That Stand Strong In Times Of Uncertainty

  • With a global shortage of raw materials, how can companies make accurate risk assessments of new ingredients and ensure the quality and safety of products isn’t compromised?
  • What tech innovations can be implemented into the supply chain to improve traceability throughout the network?
  • Build and maintain trust within supply networks to guarantee all parties are working towards the common goal
  • What effective methods can control risks at times when availability issues arise?
  • COVID has made vetting new suppliers more difficult than ever, so how can virtual audits be used effectively to guarantee compliance and safety within the supply chain?

Speaker to be announced; please check the website for updates.


09.30 Increase Safety, Reduce Recalls & Minimise Consumer Risk With Advanced Allergen Control Strategies

  • Natasha’s Law has made allergen labelling more crucial than ever, but how can companies prepare for future legislation like Owen’s Law and others?
  • Effective methods to test for cross-contamination and guarantee customers are being given the correct information about “may contain”
  • How can allergen issues be tracked throughout the supply chain to ensure every part of the chain has the right information to pass on to consumers?
  • Skills gaps, supply chain issues, COVID cases? With so many other issues facing food companies, how can we cement allergen controls at the top of the agenda for all employees?

Steven Glass, Director Global Food Safety, Just Eat


Chris Moore, HSE Director, Compass Group


Ian Cutler, Head of Safety, Mitchells & Butlers


Marion Schellin, Quality Compliance Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev


Atanasios Moschos, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas S.A.



Peter Littleton, Technical Director, Christeyns Food Hygiene



The Global Food Safety Training Survey Is An Industry Benchmarking Tool For Companies To Assess Their Food Safety Training Programs Compared To Their Industry Peers. The Survey Provides Companies Valuable Data To Continue Supporting The Training Resources Needed To Meet The Evolving Training Needs & Identified Gaps In Their Own Learning Organization.

This session will review the results of the 7th edition of this survey taken in 2022, through the participation of thousands of food manufacturers and processors. Join us to:

  • Receive a guided review of the new results, and the implications and opportunities they present
  • Learn specific measures and strategies to assess your food safety training program
  • Identify potential gaps in your program, and learn ways other companies have overcome them
  • Gain talking points and data to present to executives in requests for new resources or technology

Gregoire Kebabtchieff, Vice President International Business, Intertek Alchemy


10.15 Stay On Top Of The Latest Regulatory Updates To Ensure Compliance, Quality & Safety Across All Food Practices

  • With legislation and regulation shifting constantly, how can safety professionals be confident they have the correct, up-to-date information to keep consumers safe and stay compliant?
  • Remain compliant with new plastic packaging legislation whilst maintaining safety standards when using recycled materials
  • With calorie labelling imminent for 2022, what new pieces of legislation should businesses be preparing for in 2023 and beyond?

Rhona Quin-Mcleod, Group Technical & Responsible Business Director, Samworth Brothers



10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Unpack The Latest Tech Advancements In Food Safety & Implement Innovative Tools To Improve Safety & Reduce Risks

  • Separate the wheat from the chaff! Determine the right tech for your business that will future-proof food safety and last long into the future
  • Virtual audits have become the norm over COVID, but what advancements are emerging to improve auditing processes and drive traceability?
  • What practical advice can help with implementing new tech to ensure integration simplifies processes, rather than complicates them?



Biofilms are a complex structure of microorganisms enclosed in extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). Several studies have demonstrated the presence of biofilms in different ecosystems such as the food industry, such as brewing, dairy processing, fresh produce, poultry processing and red meat processing. Biofilms are considered a source of microbial contamination leading to food spoilage, shelf-life reduction, and are also considered a potential way of pathogen transmission. It is estimated that 60% of food-borne infections occurred due to microbial transfer from equipment surfaces to processed foods.

Conventional sanitizing methods seems to be inefficient against biofilms and moreover increases resistance to antimicrobial products. Nevertheless, the limitation of CIP procedures still is the residual microorganisms on the equipment surfaces, resulting in biofilm formation. Biofilms have been reported as possessing resistance towards antimicrobials that are 100–1000 times more than equivalent populations of free-floating counterparts. The CIP regime provided significant variation in reducing the viable cell numbers. The increased biofilm resistance to conventional treatments enhances the need to develop new control strategies.

New strategies have been proposed to eliminate biofilms by using enzymes, phages or bioregulation. The use of enzyme-based detergents as biocleaners, also known as ‘‘green chemicals’’, can serve as a viable option to overcome biofilms in the food industry. Enzymes and detergents have been used as synergists to improve disinfectant efficacy. Formulations containing several different enzymes seem to be fundamental for a successful biofilm control strategy. This presentation will give an overview about the consequences of biofilms in food industries and some tools to detect their presence. Finally, some case studies will illustrate the power of enzyme strategies to eradicate biofilms in a food process.

Benoît Duculot, Director of Experts & Technical Services, Realco


11.40 Communicate Effectively & Build Strong Internal Food Safety Cultures To Boost Quality & Compliance Throughout The Business

  • Strengthen internal food safety cultures that prioritise quality, safety, hygiene and integrity even in times of crisis
  • Best-practice advice on top-down messaging and ensuring the importance of food safety is cascaded throughout the company
  • What steps can be taken to effectively measure culture and deliver data-based strategies to solidify culture improvements?
  • How can culture strategies be adapted to fit different arms of the business and ensure the message is spread to all employees?

Emma Adams, Head of Technical, Greggs


Joe Dunne, VP of QSHE, Europe & Russia, Kerry


Asif Rahman, HACCP Senior Group Leader, Mondelēz International


Ashley Haywood, Supplier Assurance Manager, Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd


Lalitha Sivasundaram, Head of Technical, Taiko Foods Ltd


Leanne Duncan, Food Safety Compliance Manager, Scotmid Ltd


12.10 Maintaining Food Safety & Integrity While Prioritising The Health & Safety Of Food Manufacturing Teams Has Been A Double Test For Global Processors During These Unprecedented Times.

Having worked collaboratively for several decades, Fortress Technology and AIB International share their insider insight, practical measures and remote process optimisation strategies in foreign material control and routine food safety audits.

History suggests that pandemics of this scale will not be one-offs. Future preparedness will be essential. Hear from renowned expert and Vice President of Food Safety for Europe, Asia, and Africa (EAA), AIB International, Jeff Wilson, and Fortress Technology Managing Director Phil Brown how:

  • Food companies - from listed multinationals to SMEs - have maintained due diligence continuity, mitigated contamination risks and elevated resilience by accessing the latest virtual support
  • Digital advances in diagnostics and metal detector, checkweigher and x-ray technology, and how these are keeping contaminants out of the supply chain
  • Smart data can pinpoint other processing inefficiencies to save money and time, slash manufacturing food waste, reduce product giveaway and address food sustainability globally
  • The latest technology maintains compliance with international food laws, FMSA Preventative Controls, HACCP guidance and Codes of Practice.

More has been achieved in 12 months than 12 years. Discover more and hear our how companies have learned to prepare and pivot to new food safety models in a virtual world.

Phil Brown, Managing Director, Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd


Jeff Wilson, Global Vice President of Operations, AIB International Ltd


12.25 Verify Authenticity, Remove Risks & Increase Traceability Throughout The Supply Chain To Reduce Food Fraud, Build Consumer Confidence & Avoid Business Disruption

  • With supply chain issues comes the threat of food fraud, so how can we effectively track products throughout the supply chain to reduce the risk to consumers and businesses?
  • Engender the crucial trust you need throughout the supply chain to sustain food integrity and transparency between parties
  • Effectively test new recipes and ingredients to ensure they match the high standards that consumers expect and removes opportunities for fraud

Virginie Rivas, Global Director Regulatory Affairs, Food Safety & Customs, Bel


12.45 Khyati Trivedi, Category Food Safety Lead - Europe & Russia, PepsiCo


13.05 Morning Chair's Closing Remarks Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

14.05 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Angelika Tritscher, Food Safety Director Specialized Nutrition, Danone


14.15 Future Proof Your Food Safety & Quality Management Systems & Unlock New Potential Through Digitisation

Aaron Day, Technical Sales Manager, Muddy Boots by TELUS Agriculture


14.30 Harness The Latest Technologies & Remote Ways Of Working To Deliver Gold-Standard Safety Audits That Ensure Food Safety & Quality

Dr. Intisar Khan, Global Food Safety Programs Director, Mondelēz International


14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner LRQA

Kimberly Coffin,
Global Technical Director – Supply Chain Assurance, Business Assurance, LRQA



15.05 Drive End-To-End Sustainable Practices In Food For Responsible Businesses Which Seek Greener Practices Without Compromising On Food Safety

  • Sustainability and safety can go hand in hand! From waste management to packaging, what sustainable changes can be made to food businesses, whilst maintaining high standards of quality and safety?
  • Food sustainability has never been more important to consumers, so how can we effectively map food miles and the carbon footprint of produce?
  • The gap between what is achievable and what consumers want could be vast! How do we communicate sustainability to consumers, whilst also communicating the limits of the available data?

Linda Cudjoe, Head of Food Safety & Technical, Harrods


15.25 Remove Threats Throughout The Supply Chain & Boost Product Quality Through Effective Food Fraud Strategies

A) Authenticity Testing Note

Celine Pointereau, Food Safety Manager, Arla Foods


B) Food Defence

irina beale, head of technical, wagamama


C) Digitalising Supplier Quality Assurance

Andrea Gorga, Supplier & 3rd Party Manufacturer Quality Assurance Manager, Campari Group



D) Supplier Assurance

Inga Gallagher, Group Head of Technical, Holland & Barrett


E) Adulteration

Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence & Regulatory Affairs, The Bart Ingredients Company


15.45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 

16.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner - Wipotec


16.30 Get To Grips With The Latest Updates In Microbiology To Reduce Consumer Risks & Boost Food Quality & Safety

  • Improve testing accuracy and speed with the latest innovations in microbiology technology
  • Testing is just one of the things made more difficult during COVID, show how can companies tackle delays effectively to reduce business disruption whilst still keeping consumers safe?
  • What does the future look like for microbiology, and what are the opportunities and risks ahead?

Joe Meyer, Global Microbiology Lead, Kerry


16.50 Develop Future-Proofed Food Safety Strategies & Take Proactive Steps To Safeguard Consumers & Businesses Against The Food Safety Threats Of Tomorrow

  • What key food safety threats are on the horizon for practitioners to focus on?
  • Trends like veganism are rising more than ever, so how can we ensure food complies with both health and ethical concerns for customers and eliminate cross-contamination?
  • Sustainability is a key focus for all businesses, so how can food companies get ahead of the curve and get greener without bringing in new food safety risks?

Gideon Ashworth, Head of Food Defence & Regulatory Affairs, The Bart Ingredients Company


Zeina Kassaify, Global Food Safety Director, Mars Petcare


Helen Statham, Risk & Compliance Lead, KFC


Mark Bowen, Global Head of Food Safety & Quality, AB Mauri


Jonathon Bayne, Technical Manager, Waitrose & Partners


Paul Armstrong, Commercial Director, Foods Connected.

17.00 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference