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New Speaker Confirmed – Bel! Virginie Rivas, Global Regulation & Food Safety Director At Bel To Join The Practitioner-Led Line Up At The Preventing Food Fraud Day – Ensuring Integrity & Compliance

Protecting End-To-End Product Quality & Safety Through Changing Supply Chains & Escalating Risks: Horizon-Scanning For Emerging Vulnerabilities, Testing For Adulteration & Tracing New Threats To Safeguard & Secure Production Processes & Boost Consumer Confidence In Product Authenticity

One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 19th September 2019, One Whitehall Place, Central London

  1. Maximise End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility In The Face Of Brexit: Review the impact of Brexit and hear how to strengthen traceability across the whole supply chain
  2. Practical Steps To Reinforce Trust In Your Supply Chain: Simplify supplier assurance programmes and boost supplier relationship building
  3. Determine The Integrity Of Raw Materials: Rapidly determine raw material authenticity with the latest testing methods and explore how to focus your vulnerability assessments
  4. Proactive Preparations For Emerging Threats: Realistic practices to prepare to combat emerging risks and to identify reliable information sources
  5. Utilise Cost-Effective Authenticity Methods: Discover cost-effective testing methods to facilitate routine testing and reduce incidences of fraud
  6. Consistently Counter Threats With Integrated Risk Assessments: Best practice tips to integrate protection of product quality in routine food safety risk assessments
  7. Defend Your Product, Staff & Consumers: Successfully create and implement food defence plans in the wake of BRC8 to counter deliberate tampering with products and production
  8. Define & Manage Evolving Regulation: Ensure compliance with clear definitions of HACCP, VACCP and TACCP
  9. Consumer Concerns & Fake News: Better communicate and present products through different media to counter false information online and prevent negative brand perception