7th Annual, One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, Central London, 15th June 2023

Key Updates On Protecting Customers & Businesses From Risk With Resilient Supply Chains, Rigorous Allergen Controls & Deeply-Embedded Food Safety Cultures For

Proactive & Robust Food & Drink Safety Strategies In The Face Of Disruption

Ensure Product Safety & Reduce Fraud Risks During Supply Chain Shortages Through Innovative New Tech – Reduce Allergen Risks & Drive Consumer Confidence In Products – Drive Sustainable Practices Without Sacrificing Food & Drink Safety – Embed Food Safety For All Employees With Powerful Culture Strategies

Thistle Marble Arch, central London, 15th June 2023

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dr. Paul van der Aar, Senior Global Lead Licenses & Quality, Heineken

Kath Dunbar, Global Director Science & Regulatory Affairs, Anheuser-Busch InBev




09.10     Reduce Risks To Consumers & Businesses Through Stringent Allergen Control Strategies That Communicate Clearly & Minimise Cross Contamination

  • What can businesses do to ensure clear communications throughout supply chains around allergens to ensure compliance and product safety?
  • Natasha’s Law implemented; Owen’s Law next? What next steps are in the pipeline for allergen labelling and what steps can businesses take to get ahead of the curve?
  • How can effective preparations be made for emerging allergen threats, when more people than ever are sensitive to allergens outside of the key 14?
  • How can cross-contamination be effectively managed and tracked to ensure accurate information is presented to consumers?

Opeyemi Sanwoolu, Director, Food Safety Europe, PepsiCo

Philip Quinn, Senior Director of QA, Papa John’s International

Michelle Briggs, Head of Technical – Food For Now (North), Greencore

Dr. Lalitha Sivasundaram, Technical Director, Seagems Group

Zoë Shuttlewood, Senior Manager, Global Food Integrity & Risk, McCormick & Company




09.40     Develop Robust Supply Chain Processes That Ensure Product Quality, Authenticity & Integrity In The Face Of Disruption

  • With no immediate end in sight to supply chain disruptions across the globe, what practical staps can be taken to ensure the safety and integrity of new ingredients?
  • Collaboration is key! Boost communication between businesses to drive traceability and safety throughout the supply chain
  • How can existing supply chain weaknesses be identified and plugged to reduce the risk of food fraud affecting product integrity?
  • How can new tech proactively work to reduce risks and vulnerabilities throughout complex supply networks?

Linda Cudjoe, Head Of Food Safety & Technical, Harrod’s

Sabrina D’Arcy, Regional Food Safety & Quality Lead, Europe, Kerry




10.20     Ensure Food Safety Is a Key Priority For All Employees With Impactful & Empowering Safety Culture Strategies

  • When culture can mean different things throughout organisations and across borders, what foundational principles should food safety culture programmes be based around?
  • Don’t forget the basics! Ensure training programmes are embedding food safety cultures at the heart of your organisation
  • Demonstrate the value of safety cultures top-to-bottom throughout the business and make clear the impact it has on the bottom line as well as safety
  • How can food safety cultures be effectively measured to showcase the real results of culture strategies?

Prof. Bizhan Pourkomailian, Global Food Safety Director, Restaurant & Distribution, McDonald’s Corporation

Mick West, Global Director, Quality Systems, Kerry

Daniel Kerruish, Group Microbiologist, Diageo

Temilade Abass, Regional Head of Quality – West Africa, Unilever

Philip Quinn, Senior Director of QA, Papa John’s International

Atanasios Moschos, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas S.A

Anna Pozarova, Group Technical Manager, Randall Parker Foods Group

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.50     Ensure Product Quality & Authenticity During Global Disruption With Resilient Food Fraud Strategies

  • Rising costs? Raw materials shortages? What steps can be taken to protect supply chains from food fraud during global instability?
  • How can new technologies assist in ensuring product integrity and reducing food fraud risks?
  • How can greater data-sharing throughout supply chains increase collaboration throughout the industry to reduce food fraud risks and ensure ingredient integrity?

Kevin Barker, Group Produce SME & Integrity Lead, 2 Sisters Food Group


12.10     Deep Dive Into Key Issues In Food Fraud To Protect Customers & Businesses From Fraud Risks

Irina Beale, Head Of Technical, TRG, wagamama

a) Supplier Assurance

b) Authenticity Testing

c) Food Defence

d) Traceability

e) Adulteration



12.30     Harness The Key Developments In Food Safety Technologies To Power Quality & Safety Forwards & Mitigate Against Future Risks

  • What developments in data and AI can assist safety professionals in making predictive decisions and take early preventative steps to ensure food safety before issues escalate?
  • How can remote technologies be utilised further throughout food production to not only ensure safety but also reduce travel and boost green credentials?
  • Implement new tech effectively and ensure its adoption is simplifying processes, rather than overcomplicating them

Tom Æ Hollands, Innovation & Technical Director, Raynor Foods

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Dr. Intisar Khan, Director, Global Food Safety, Mondelēz International

Gideon Ashworth, Technical Director, The Bart Ingredients Company



14.00     Keep Pace With Regulatory Changes & Ensure Compliance With New Legislation To Reduce Recalls & Effectively Protect Consumers

  • How can food safety professionals keep up with changing legislation around the world and ensure compliance in the face of constantly-changing regulatory expectations?
  • With EU food safety legislation due to sunset in the UK at the end of 2023, how can businesses effectively prepare for any shift in existing legislation and reduce the risk of being caught out by legislative changes?
  • How can the compliance and safety of recycled packaging be ensured to protect consumers and match legislative expectations?

14.20 Safe to Trade® – The Food Safety Standard

  • The changing and challenging regulatory and food safety landscape
  • What are the key safety controls food businesses need to have in place
  • Why regulators are increasingly recognising robust business controls and assurance in their official inspection activities
  • Safe to Trade – the first voluntary third-party assurance scheme for the UK Hospitality Sector

John Barnes, Former Head of Local Delivery, Food Standards Agency. Member of the Independent Governance Board, Safe to Trade, Shield Safety




Guenther​​ Augustin, Director of Global Quality Assurance, Dr. Schär AG 




15.10     Ensure The Highest Levels Of Food Safety & Quality Standards Are Met Whilst Implementing Sustainable Practices & Processes

  • With sustainability so high on the agenda for all businesses, how can food safety be prioritised when implementing new sustainable practices and ensure high safety standards are still being met?
  • What effective steps can be taken to scale sustainable practices from individual products to whole ranges and throughout supply chains?
  • How can recycled packaging be introduced more widely throughout the food industry without increasing risks to consumers?

Noeleen Donegan, Global Vice President Food Safety & Quality, Kerry


15.40   Inga Gallagher, Group Head of Technical, Holland & Barrett

a) Customer Expectations

b) Sustainable Packaging

c) Food Miles

d) Mitigating Chemical Migration

16.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.30     Get To Grips With The Latest Updates In Labelling To Ensure Compliance Around Product Claims

  • How can claims around elements like organic, natural and others be navigated across different regions to ensure consistent compliance and build consumer trust?
  • How can we ensure precautionary allergen labelling on ‘may contain’ isn’t being overused and diluting their importance in the eyes of consumers?
  • With sustainability high on consumers’ minds, how can labelling claims avoid accusations of greenwashing and ensure customers are getting the full story?




16.50     Ensure Preparedness For Emerging Food Safety Threats Opportunities & Get Ahead Of The Curve To Secure Food Safety For The Future

  • Emerging allergens? Further supply chain stresses? What future threats should food safety professionals have in their eyeline to prepare for?
  • With technical talent becoming harder to come by, what steps can be implemented to alleviate food safety risks from the war on talent?
  • Determine the food safety technologies that will truly advance the industry going forward, and which are just a flash in the frying pan!

Chris Moore, HSE Director, Compass Group

Liz Colebrook, Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Director, Food Safety, Mars

Jonathon Bayne, Technical Manager, Waitrose & Partners

17.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference